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Beyond the technicalities, recruitment is about people

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We consider ourselves a strategic ally, working hand-in-hand with businesses to understand their specific needs and providing tailored IT recruitment solutions that drive success.

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Redefining the industry standard

At Request Technology expertise isn't just a credential; it's a cornerstone of our success

When you choose Request Technology, you aren't just partnering with an IT recruitment agency; you're aligning with a team of experts who understand the nuances of your industry. Drawing from our collective experience, we don't just fill roles; we strategically place candidates who meet your immediate needs and align with your long-term vision, fostering the ongoing growth and success of your business.

Meet Richard Honquest

President of Request Technology

For over four decades, I've had the privilege of witnessing and actively contributing to the evolution of IT talent solutions. Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to delivering top-notch IT permanent placement, contract, and contract-to-hire resources. My partnerships have extended to some of the world's most renowned brands, and the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT, the demand for top-tier resources remains at a premium. It's a testament to the dynamic nature of our field. With a wealth of experience under my belt, I continue to navigate this landscape with unwavering commitment.

My focus has always been on fostering meaningful connections. These connections go beyond the traditional client-vendor dynamic – they form the essence of my approach. Each connection is a story, a partnership, and a shared vision for success.

My commitment to providing unparalleled IT talent solutions remains steadfast, and I am eager to see how our journey unfolds in the coming years. Your trust and shared enthusiasm are the pillars that propel us forward.

Richard Honquest

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Our rigorously vetted professionals are not just qualified; they're meticulously matched to your needs. Save time, save money, and invest in a team that's more than just skilled—it's tailored for your success.

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Your future starts here. Trust us to simplify your job search, connecting you with opportunities that align seamlessly with your career goals.