Reference #: Dillon Grooss
Location Type: Remote
Travel: 0%
Salary: $150-180K + Bonus
Visa Requirement:
US Citizenship / Permanent Resident
Recruiter: Dillon Grooss


***Remote But not allowed in the following States:  Alaska, North Dakota, Nebraska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Vermont, Maine, West Virginia, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico.***

A prestigious company is looking for a Sr. RBAC Engineer.  This person will need to be an expert with Role Based Access Control and will preferably work with SailPoint IAM.


·       Analyze the users, including their workflows and the resources they need.

·       Conduct audits of the roles on an ongoing basis to keep them up to date and align them with current requirements.

·       Create a basic role that includes the access every user needs.

·       Determine which roles have a common set of access requirements.

·       Ensure RBAC is integrated across all systems across the organization.

·       Establish a process for handling role changes, including setting up and decommissioning users.

·       Identify the resources that require access control.

·       Include the principles of RBAC and how it works in employee training programs.

·       Take care not to create too many roles.

·       Have a written policy for how the role-based access control system should be used, including detailing the process for making changes.

·       Be receptive to input from managers and users about how the RBAC system can be optimized and make relevant changes as needed.

·       Continually evaluate roles and security status.

·       Consider the reason and implications request for any change to users’ permissions before implementing changes.

·       Enforce security protocols related to permissions.

·       SailPoint Experience.

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